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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Random Musings for the Day....

Can someone in Washington please remind Dubya that he is supposed to be a Conservative? This vote buy in welfare-for-farmers clothing is making me ill. Does GW fashion himself to be the next FDR? Come on, Pres... the New Deal for Agriculture?

I find it amusing that no one wants these 13 Palestinian militants in their country, even the Palestinians themselves. Remember in Superman, when the evil trio is exiled into outer space in a supernatural polygon? Works for me.

When did Bono become an international authority on governmental policies? This leads me to the next obvious question. When will he finally find what he's looking for?

From the absurd excuse file: John Magaw tells Congress he's decided not to allow pilots to carry firearms. Apparently, carrying a cumbersome firearm will be a distraction, and they "need to concentrate on flying." Magaw neglects to acknowledge the obvious fact that many pilots are ex-military (READ: trained in firearm usage).

Perplexing. Simple perplexing. I check my portfolio this morning. Business news headlines. "Home Depot profits rise 35%". The stock price? It falls $2. This is why God invented the financial planner.

Zero Population Growth proponents rejoice: "Removing ovaries can prevent breast cancer." Let's get rid of those bad boys! Yeah, right. And castrating my dog made him more docile.


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