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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Bush on the SOTU Address:

Today's press conference in the Rose Garden was an opportunity for President Bush to respond to critics who maintain that he deceived the public with exaggerated claims of Iraqi weapons programs. When asked about the State of the Union address, Bush said “I take personal responsibility for everything I say, absolutely.” What should not be lost here is that Bush did not confess to some conspiratorial lie here. What has been said countless times should be repeated: Bush did not LIE. He referred to British Intelligence claims, and the Brits stand by those claims to this day. That being said, I would have preferred that Bush had said so, unequivocally. However, the White House seems to prefer relenting to the pressure put on them by peevish doves who want something... ANYthing... to stick to this President that will contaminate his prospects at gaining a second term. I'm disappointed that, out of everything Bush had to say today about the economy, the sanctity of marriage, the deaths of the boys Hussein, etc. the main point that MSNBC got from the press conference was that Bush, when he says something, stands by it.


.: posted by Dave 11:56 AM

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