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Friday, July 11, 2003

Democrats are working overtime to try to stigmatize the Bush administration's efforts to overthrow Saddam Hussein and company. The comparisons of Bush to Hitler are downright disgusting, but, in a world of free speech and thought, c'est la vie. On the other hand, were Bill Clinton being compared similarly by a minority Republican legislature, rest assured that censures and disciplinary hearings would be the norm. The double standard is obvious to all but those who wish not to see.

In any case, who among us can say with a straight face that US action in Iraq was not justified? There were four stated justifications for such action, and weapons of mass destruction were only one of those stated. Even if they were the primary reason though, even the most liberal (read: France, et. al.) acknowledged the presence of such weapons, and advocated their eradication. The disagreement was more of a political peeing contest than an objection to use of force. That's not to mention the underlying agendas of the Russian, German, and French governments (economic in nature, to be sure).

The point is that Bush was neither despotic, nor Hitleresque in authorizing the "deBaathification" of Iraq. He was reacting appropriately to a force within a repressed nation that encouraged terrorism, and glorified any destruction of Western nations and values, and he did so within the context of a post-September 11th world view. For the Democrats to exaggerate and mold world events to their own advantage is reprehensible, yet expected. In 2004, it may well be their undoing.


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