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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

A House Divided:

It seems that the centrist Democratic Leadership Council, the group responsible for most of Bill Clinton's winning 1992 presidential platform, is perplexed about how to handle the "Dean factor". Howard Dean, the most electable leftie the Dems have, has been a persistent antagonist to the DLC, leading to a memo written in May by the council's president, Bruce Reed, denouncing the tactics of the left. To be sure, some party unity would be desirable if there is to be a serious challenge to George Bush in 2004. But, to listen to Dean, one might infer that Dean himself is divided, defending the need for the DLC's endorsement, while lambasting them publicly. Were Dean to gain the DLC's endorsement, it would be a major step twoard also gaining the party nomination. However, the leadership of the DLC knows full well that Dean is not the most palatable candidate for the masses. In fact, they call him a "novelty" who will "wear off" in the coming months. Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman would likely be the ideal DLC choice: according to DLC leadership, and their own polling data, a candidate perceived to be "antiwar", which Dean is obviously so, would trail far in an election against a strong, popular Bush. In other words, if rhetoric trumps substance, it will be a long year for the Democratic Party.


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