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Sunday, July 27, 2003

I would have to agree with those who say that it's not "unpatriotic to wonder why the President lied." Except for one vital piece of information: he DIDN'T.

In a nutshell, the now infamous sixteen words uttered from President Bush's mouth were, in fact, accurate to the matter of fact. Furthermore, the UK government still stands by its assessment. For those of you wondering what effect this is having on the terrorists, have you noticed an uptick in Islamicides or insurgency against the US proper? No. Why is that? Well, could it be that the terrorists have concentrated their efforts on the well-armed military in Iraq? If you accept that as plausible, you might also accept as equally plausible that it would be MUCH better to have the terrorists contained in one area, than to be dispersing their venom at the Western world's airports and landmarks.

Additionally, all it takes is one swipe of the US sword to scare the Bejesus (or the BeMohammed, perhaps?) out of the states in the Near East that have historically funded terrorism (yes, that includes you, Saudi Arabia). Does anyone wonder why Syria kicked Uday (Pig Latin for Dude?) out of their country when he sought refuge? You guessed it.

The mere threat of US wrath has a strong and profound effect on such activity. This war on terrorism went to its roots, and it will end there, too. When the Iraqi democracy finally takes shape (and it is doing so as we speak), the threat of terrorism will be further diminished, and the world more stable. An unjust war? Hardly.


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