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Saturday, July 26, 2003

NFL Absurdity:

Last week, in order to show their devotion to affirmative action, the National Football League fined Detroit Lions' general manager Matt Millen for not interviewing any black candidates for their head coaching vacancy. Were the Lions' front office stocked with racially bigoted Klansmen, I would have to concede the point to the NFL, which has truly shown itself to be downright stupid in the last few decades (bumbling officials, ignorant rule changes, does anyone remember the "No Fun League" banning end zone celebrations?). However, this accusation and subsequent fine lacks merit. Why? According to the Lions, they solicited interviews from five different black coaching candidates and were refused! What more can an employer do than that? Perhaps they should hire the best non-Caucasian candidate, even if that candidate is an average, at best, coach? This is nonsense. Perhaps the NFL can take further action, such as satirically suggested by Scrappleface. That would make just as much sense to me. Note to the NFL: let teams hire the BEST person for the job. Period.


.: posted by Dave 4:17 PM

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