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Monday, July 28, 2003

On Lieberman:

Is there any question why Joseph Lieberman is (like it or not, Deannie Greenies) the front runner for the Democratic nomination for president? Truly, this man gets it. I'm no fan of Joe, but he has the gumption to stick with his positions. Unlike Gephardt and Kerry, who change views with their audience, Lieberman endorsed the invasion of Iraq, and continues to do so. While he questions the Bush administration's actions toward pacekeeping, he also chastises his fellow Dems for their insistence in branding Bush a "liar" over those now famous "sixteen words". By sticking to his pro-war stance, Lieberman has a chance to distance himself from the rest of the Democrats, and appeal to the more moderate wing of the party, while also gaining respect from centrist, independents. Despite a lack of charisma and personality, Lieberman gives the Democrats the best chance at regaining the White House, and today, he showed why.


.: posted by Dave 2:10 PM

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