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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

As if our taxes and fees in this state aren't high enough, Connecticut lawmakers want to raise motor vehicle fees.

Included in the proposal:

  • Raising the two-year motor vehicle registration from $70 to $75
  • Raising the four-year driver's license renewal from $35 to $43
  • Raising the driver's license exam from $36 to $40
  • Raising snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle registrations from $14 to $20

  • Ostensibly, the fees will be used to fund road improvements mainly in the more affluent Fairfield County region, specifically Interstate 95. This is not a stretch of road any sane commuter would use (although some certainly cannot avoid it). Perhaps the state should consider either eliminating waste in the highway budget, attaching user fees to that stretch of highway, or raising the registration fees for users who actually use that road.


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