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Monday, August 18, 2003

Coach Dave Bliss, formerly of Baylor, should have known better. Common sense was cast aside, however, when Bliss suggested to his players that they make claims that their missing, and now found murdered, teammate Patrick Dennehy was a drug dealer, and financed his tuition with the proceeds. How could a mature college coach be so stupid? What was he thinking?

I'll tell you what he was thinking. He panicked, and decided to lie because he was the one who paid part of the tuition. He did so because he thought the only way he could win was to have those players on his team. Without Bliss' help, they wouldn't be playing, and without them playing, Bliss thought, his chances of winning were greatly diminished.

Is this what we've come to in sports? Winning at ALL costs? Bliss did not kill Dennehy, but, to cover his own rear, he tried to kill Dennehy's reputation posthumously. He screwed up. Big time. His career is likely in the toilet, and he may well face criminal obstruction charges. If he is guilty of these charges, a little jail time and a lot of shame is the least Bliss deserves for what he has done to a group of kids who played a game for him, a game that looks insignificant in light of the happenings at Baylor U.


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