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Monday, August 04, 2003

The Dean Also Rises:

It occurs to me that liberals often allow their emotions to dictate their behavior. That being said, it is no wonder the hatred for Bush on the left has led to the ascension of Howard Dean. If the Democrats seriously want to take back the White House, they really should try to nominate someone that is more electable. Dean strategists hypothesize that, if they can carry the Gore states plus New Hampshire, they will win (simple math would dictate that). However, that is an ambitious goal, as Dean is not likely to carry any state in the South. Some Republicans have gone further by giving money to the Dean campaign, hoping that he will get the nomination. To most Republicans, Dean is the easiest target who carries the least credibility, and has the most polarizing foreign policy stance. It should be a fun 2004.


.: posted by Dave 2:32 PM

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