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Saturday, August 16, 2003

A dictator every bit as evil as Saddam Hussein is dead. Idi Amin died Saturday in Saudi Arabia. It seems the Saudis even harbor dying purveyors of mass violence.

Quote from the VOA press release:

Mr. Amin's eight years in power in Uganda, 1971 to 1979, were marked by extreme human rights abuses. Vast numbers of people were tortured and killed so rapidly that graves could not be dug fast enough, and corpses were dumped into the Nile River.

Bodies of the Amin regime's victims sometimes were fed to crocodiles. Occasionally human remains clogged intake pipes at Uganda's main hydro-electric plant at Jinja.

Despite this, Amin lived in luxurious exile for two decades. Why he was never sought for trial internationally is beyond me. Why the Saudis allowed him treatment for his illnesses in its finest facilities is further beyond my grasp.


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