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Sunday, August 24, 2003

For a nice compendium of the questionable activities of former U.T. president John Shumaker, check out the article in today's Hartford Courant.

I still can't believe how frivolously this man spent the university's money. The more I read it, the angrier I get about it. From the article:

More spending for the residence followed: an electronic entertainment system for $7,431; a $7,000 Persian rug; an armoire purchased for $3,760 and then reworked to fit a television and stereo system at an added cost of $1,385; a $30,000 telephone system; and a gas grill for the patio - $4,822. A university employee told auditors that facilities services had originally bought a gas grill for $169, but the president's office notified them that the grill was not acceptable, the audit says.

$30,000 for a home telephone system? $4,822 for a gas grill? These expenses, when the state education system is in the midst of a fiscal crisis, are downright ludicrous. You don't increase tuition four years in a row just so you can subsidize your lavish lifestyle. As details of Shumaker's escapades at Louisville, CCSU, and Tennessee are further scrutinized, I will not be surprised to see that questionable decision-making was a pattern at each institution for him. Joe Johnson will be a trustworthy breath of fresh air. One can only hope that whomever is chosen to replace Johnson will be more upstanding and capable than Shumaker.


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