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Friday, August 22, 2003

The gauge of leading economic indicators rose for the fourth consecutive month. The index of regional factory business conditions exceeded expectations. New unemployment claims fell to the lowest rate in six months. Housing starts continue to rise. The real money supply is increasing; so is the value of the stock market.

With all of this, we are hit continually with the suggestion that this is the worst economy in fifty years. Only in the Bizarro world of politics can these claims be made, and muster any credibility. The fact is the economy is recovering, and those who would be president want us to think otherwise.

The economy is never going to be perfect for everyone. Just look at the uneasiness in California. Every sector will have its troubles. Witness the aerospace industry, which, after 9/11, is just now beginning to get its head above water. However, as a whole, this nation has a fundamentally resilient economy.

Since anything positive favors President Bush and re-election, the spinsters must be loud enough and persistent enough to convince anyone who will listen that we are in the midst of a catastrophe, and only they have the answers to what ails us.


.: posted by Dave 7:30 PM

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