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Saturday, August 16, 2003

I just want to know why anyone thinks it is wrong to deny government services to ILLEGAL aliens. Please read that again in context... ILLEGAL (as in, not citizens, not equipped with entry visas, etc.) as opposed to LEGAL (as in, H1-B, green card, etc.). Why should there even be a VOTE on this issue in Arizona? If the states don't have the resources to fund their ever burgeoning budgets, why do they even consider giving handouts from the public largesse to ILLEGAL inhabitants of this country?

This guy sums it up for the pro-welfare crowd:

"This is purely some type of theory they pulled out with no proof and no documentation," Mr. Gallardo said. "This is purely an anti-immigrant initiative. There are no other reasons for it."

NO, NO, NO! It is not anti-IMMIGRANT! It is anti-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT! There is a difference, Mr. Gallardo.

I believe this country should be open to those that respect its laws and customs, work hard, and have individualistic, free ideas. I do NOT want to open the borders for those who simply want to suck on the government nipple because they CAN!

If we don't get a handle on the ILLEGAL immigration in this country, the budgets of these states will continue to balloon out of control. Then the cries for help from the federal government will persist, effectively saddling the rest of the country with the costs of bailing them out because of their nonsensical immigration policies. At some point, common sense has to prevail, and these ILLEGALS must be given a choice: become an assimilated, productive, and LEGAL citizen of this country, or be expeditiously deported.


.: posted by Dave 4:45 PM

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