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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

If you think the unrest in Iraq is because the Iraqis don't want us there, think again. Reports abound that Saudis are taking up arms and going AWOL to join the insurgency in Iraq. With all due respect to those who are promoting the anti-US agenda here, it's the purveyors of terrorism that are fearing for their existence here, and thus the daily violence. Consider the following:

According to two independent surveys, however, 85% of Iraqis and 76% of Baghdadis favor the continued presence of coalition troops. That’s because Iraqis know, to the core of their marrow, that, after 35 years of subjugation, brutality and isolation, they need help, and that if American forces departed prematurely, disaster would likely ensue.

(Thanks to Alphapatriot for the reference)

That tells me a lot. Iraqis want freedom, and security, and they know their best chance of achieving it is through the involvement of the United States.


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