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Friday, August 01, 2003

More Connecticut Yankee Stupidity:

In one of the stupidest moves I have ever seen, the managers of Rentschler Field in East Hartford, CT have decided that, when their football crowds tailgate, they are not allowed to:
  • Park overnight
  • Bring charcoal
  • Bring a gas grill
  • Drink (this one actually makes sense)
  • Throw Frisbee
  • Toss a football in the parking lot
  • Tailgate after the game

  • Sheesh! What ARE you allowed to do? Have these people ever been to a REAL college football game? Have they seen the Gator Chop, Beavo, the Vol Navy, or a Michigan - Ohio State crowd?

    Connecticut University wants to be taken seriously as a football school. Fair enough. This state is in need of an identity other than its basketball program. True, also. But, if big time college football is going to succeed here, this is a good first step in the wrong direction.

    College football tailgating is all about coming early, cooking, throwing ball with your friends, and staying late. I know this because I went to the University of Tennessee, and we know a little something about tailgating.

    If UConn wants to play with the big boys, perhaps a little planning would have been nice. Fire hazards? Eliminate them. Security concerns? Guard the gates of Pratt and Whitney. Drinking issues? Enforce the law. Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, Texas, etc. manage rather well every autumn Sunday. I'm sure UConn can too. Until then, this football fan ain't goin' to the Husky Dance, not as long as the "suits" are being so restrictive.


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