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Saturday, August 09, 2003

More on Shumaker:

Fellow RTB blogger SKBubba has an interesting rant regarding UT president John Shumaker. I've been interested somewhat in this soap opera since he was hired, since, up here in Connecticut, he's not exactly admired by the locals either. It is well known in "these parts" that Shumaker took $10K from Hyundai in return for a contract with Central Connecticut State University.

I don't know the merit of the charges against him, as I wait for the audit along with countless others. However, I do know that, where there is smoke, there is fire; and it's not as if controversy is not following this guy around.

Maybe he and Mike Price can have some beers, and discuss ethical behavior, and appearances of impropriety. Of course, they might also want to discuss the "good ol' boy" network. God knows it's part of the culture down there. I can only hope my alma mater can find someone competent, and resilient in such a climate.


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