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Thursday, August 14, 2003

My initial reaction to yesterday's blackout was this:

OK, folks. You can stop panicking now. The blackout that hit the Northeast is about to subside. Suggesting that terrorism was behind it is absurd. Those of us in New England know this much: it's hot. We like air conditioning. Very few houses use efficient central heat and air units. The power grid is unpredictable at best. The bottom line is that we're experiencing an overload here, not a sudden spurt of domestic terrorism.

Hopefully, the panic that rose from the blackout has subsided now. After reading conspiracy theories about the government instigating this mess, about how Canadians, Republicans, Democrats, Bush, Clinton, California, and America's reluctance to ratify the Kyoto Treaty are behind it, I am experiencing what I would call "blackout burnout". That being said, some need for sanity is in order. We need to quit blaming everyone else, and fix it, whether it means nuclear power, more capacity, more redundancy, more lines in environmentally sensitive areas, or any other idea that hasn't yet been discussed. Maybe this warning will wake up the pols and some serious reform will begin.

Addendum (5:49 PM EDT)Nicole Gelinas on the blackout - it's all about politics.


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