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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Our Litigious Society:

My absurdity meter was ticking this morning when I saw this: West Nile virus victims sue Ontario. The allegations are that Ontario knew that a WNV outbreak was likely in 1999, but failed to protect the litigants. I'm looking forward to decendents of flu victims of the early 1900s suing the respective cities for not doing enough to prevent the flu epidemic. Perhaps San Franciscans could sue their city for not doing enough to protect them against earthquakes.

In other stupid litigation news, a woman tries to beat down her brother's door with a brick, is asked to stop, refuses to do so, and the cops TASER her. So, what happens? She SUES them for millions in damages. From her lawyer:

“The City, Chief Jones and Sergeant Erickson (sic.) authorized, approved, permitted, ratified and tolerated the unlawful, deliberate, malicious, reckless and wanton conduct of Officer Aldred … thus depriving Ms. Autin of her constitutional rights,” Freeman’s letter reads."

Who's representing her? Jackie Chiles?

Enough already.


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