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Saturday, August 16, 2003

So Warren Buffett thinks California's property taxes are too low. This is who the Governator chose to advise him on fiscal matters? Surely this doesn't square with what Arnold thinks. Surely this couldn't surface as a campaign platform. I would like to hear Arnold's view on this subject (ANY subject, I might add).

And then Schwarzenegger chooses Rob Lowe (?) as an unspecified "senior campaign" advisor. I don't get it. The same Rob Lowe who got caught fooling around with a minor during the DNC in Atlanta in 1988? Rob Lowe plays (or, shall we say, PLAYED) a fictional advisor on TV, and now he's going to be a real one? Oh well. I guess it fits the farcical nature of this California gubernatorial brouhaha.

UPDATE (5:15 PM EDT): Schwarzenegger's campaign asserts its opposition to Buffett's position, according to Fox. I still want to hear Arnold HIMSELF make this statement. When do we get to hear some policy positions straight from the Governator??


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