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Saturday, August 23, 2003

When someone calls you racist, when you clearly are not, there is nothing more frustrating. When you are a public performer, such accusations take on even more meaning. Such is the plight of "Motor City Madman" Ted Nugent. Nugent is suing the town of Muskegon, MI for cancelling his show there in June. Muskegon did so, alleges Nugent, because of statements he made in a radio interview.

So what's the hubbub? Apparently, Nugent "attempted to make the point that the words "gooks" and "niggers" were just that, words, and therefore shouldn't offend, citing Richard Pryor's comedic use of the N-word as an example." Listeners complained, and Muskegon's concert promoters decided Nugent had to go.

Political correctness has reared its ugly head again. Anyone who has heard Nugent speak publicly knows these allegations are absurd. His conservative, second-amendment embracing persona has always been controversial, but never racist. Besides, Nugent's public questioning of word usage is valid. Isn't it about time we just got over being "offended" by things? Whether it is Marilyn Manson, Robert Mapplethorpe, Natalie Maines, or Ted Nugent, we have the right to speak about whatever we choose, offensive or not.


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