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Friday, August 22, 2003

You know, I like Microsoft. Really, I do. Perhaps it's because their ubiquity has allowed me to train myself with their products, and make a pretty damned good career out of it. However, as soon as I become an apologist for them, they come along and do something that really makes me mad.

Apparently, they are changing the protocol with which MSN Messenger connects to other clients. This change will be implemented by 15 OCT, rendering all old versions of MSN, and all third party IM clients USELESS. I use VeriChat on my Palm, and Trillian on my laptop. I do this in an attempt to unify all of the IM clients. This is an annoying, and very inconvenient move on the part of Microsoft. Grrrrrrr!


.: posted by Dave 7:57 PM

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