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Thursday, September 25, 2003

I wish I had found the time to watch the California debate last night. After reading about it, I imagine that it was very entertaining. Some choice quotes:

Arnold to Arianna Huffington: "You need a little more decaf."

Arnold about Cruz Bustamante's candidacy: "In California, we have a three-strikes [criminal sentencing] system. You pulled the wool over people's eyes twice. This is the third time, and the third time, you're out."

Arnold responding to Arianna Huffington's complaints about "business tax loopholes": "You're personal income tax has the biggest loophole. I can drive my Hummer through it, they're so big. It's so big. I can't believe you."

Huffington's retort: "This is not polite, and I know this is the way you treat women."

Ouch. This should be a fun campaign.


Regarding the Governator, I have been adamant about wanting to see some substance from his campaign regarding the issues, specifically how he intends to address California's economy. Finally, I read something from him, in the Wall Street Journal.

To be honest, I never knew from day one what exactly Arnold thought about any economic policy. He's been very vague. Well, if the Journal op-ed is any indication, Arnold is on the right track. His opening salvo, " have often said that the two people who have most profoundly impacted my thinking on economics are Milton Friedman and Adam Smith" sold me right away. Politicians who subscribe to the theories of Arthur Laffer are hard to come by on the Left Coast, so this will take some getting used to, assuming Mr. Schwarzenegger is elected. Arnold even mentions Laffer is his piece.

Arnold's platform is to cut taxes for everyone (what a novel concept), to cap state budget growth, to reform the taxation of businesses (a leading cause of job loss in CA has been the burden placed on businesses due to exorbitant premiums for worker's compensation insurance), and, expectedly, to expand choices for parents in educating their children by implementing charter schools.

Suddenly, I realized that Arnold sounds a lot like another former governor of California. Of this campaign platform, Dutch Reagan would be proud.


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