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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Courtesy of Arianna Huffington, on the Larry King show:

"I was against the recall in principle. I've always believed this is not the way to run a democracy."

Does Arianna not know the definition of democracy? In its purest form, a democracy is a government in which the majority rules. She obviously missed this subject when learning American Civics.

It should be noted that democracy is a dangerous form of government. When 50.1% of the voting public is empowered to make decisions for the other 49.9%, it becomes, essentially, mob rule. Add into the equation persistent propaganda, and a Laodecian electorate, and the potential for abuse is strong. This is why the founders sought to create a representative republic.

That being said, the recall is a constitutionally valid tool for the residents of California, provided to them to directly hold their elected officers accountable. Ms. Huffington knows this, but chose to inject her personal views nonetheless.

As my wife says, "If the majority wants to recall someone they elected, that's what they get to do. So she's not that bright. Ah, well. We knew that, didn't we?"

Indeed, we did.


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