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Friday, October 24, 2003

I've been trying to catch up on the happenings on the blogs of fellow RTBers, and I noticed that SayUncle is going to be a father. First, I want to say congratulations! This is truly going to be a wonderful time for you.

Secondly, Uncle's post (linked here) makes me reminisce about my own realization of pending fatherhood. As I recall, the Mrs. and I had just returned from the grocery store, and she had missed her, shall we say, time of the month that week. So... we got an HPT, and administered a timely urine stream to the test kit as directed.

Being the nonchalant type, the Mrs. adjourned from the bathroom, not expecting any positive result. She'd done this before, she said. Nothing to see here.

Well, I decided to watch the magic wand. Intently. With focus and clarity. I watched and observed a pronounced + sign appear in the window. This was no ordinary +, mind you. It was intense, aglow... somewhat bold and luminating.

I exclaimed to the Mrs. that our fortunes were changing, for the better, in my opinion. We were about to be parents. Life was about to change.

Naturally, she doubted me. "You're just playing with me," she retorted. But, I wasn't.

Life is unpredictable. Things, and people, change. So do circumstances, and situations. This was one of those times. In one fell swoop, I felt anxiety, surprise, gladness, self-doubt, unworthiness, and inexplicable joy... and that's just the emotions that I can remember.

In thirteen days, I will be something I never imagined I would be - a father. My son, Ethan Joshua, will finally arrive. My wife and I will be the happiest people on God's majestic Earth.

To SayUncle, I say again, congratulations. Enjoy the coming weeks. Savor them. You only have one first child.

God bless children, and the joy that they bring us.


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