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Friday, October 03, 2003

The National Enquirer reports Rush Limbaugh has a problem with prescription medications. The lefties are, predictably, assaulting Rush, especially after the Donovan McNabb incident. And why not? Rush has pulled no punches when citing them for behaving badly. I'm sure Rush can stand the heat.

I have to ask... if you were in pain, and nearly going deaf, as Rush was many months ago, what would you do? I damned sure would have been taking Percocet until I was numb. I think many of the same people looking for a scintilla of evidence of a Rush "drug problem" would have done the same.

That being said, it's an absurd storyline to begin with, and, quite honestly, none of anyone's business. Of course, if you get yours "news" from the Enquirer, you should be ashamed anyway.

UPDATE: Elephant Rants asks some pertinent questions about the Limbaugh story:

...do you really think a man as educated as Rush with so much to lose would send emails to a maid to order "some more little blue ones"?

She also gave the Enquirer a ledger documenting how many pills she claimed to have bought for him - 4,350 in one 47-day period - and E-mails she claimed Limbaugh sent her.

Do the math: 4,350/47=93 pills per day. Anyone know any guys out there who could swallow 93 pills per day and live to tell about it?

The allegations alone seem to insult one's intelligence. 93 per day? Come on. And still do a daily radio broadcast, not to mention prepping for monologue, and public appearances. I think this story lacks a modicem of credibility. But, then again, it IS the Enquirer.

MORE: Every athlete in America today has presumably been asked what they think about Rush Limbaugh and his comments about Donovan McNabb. It stands to reason that someone would ask John Rocker.

Said Rocker:

"All I will say, is people need [to] stop being so sensitive... (Rush) wasn't trying to physically hurt or mentally hurt Donovan McNabb. I mean, he just wasn't doing it. I know Donovan is probably a little upset by it, but that certainly wasn't his intent. He has been a journalist and newsman long enough to know better than to intentionally, blatantly make a comment like that to intentionally offend somebody."

Apparently, 70% of respondents to the AJC poll (pictured on the same page) agree with Rocker. I would have to second that opinion.


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