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Monday, October 13, 2003

Newsday writes about the exodus of African American families into the ranks of homeschooling parents.

Two reasons these parents are wise for removing their kids from government schools:

There was some teasing and a bit of bullying in the schools that Jarrett attended, but most disturbing to the Carters was the sense that their son, in many ways, was not being pushed to reach his potential...

Gee, that sounds inexplicably familiar. Need further evidence that the taxpayer-subsidized rate is the wrong one for education?

The turning point for the Carters came when Jarrett, who had previously attended public school, was in second grade at a private school. He wrote a report on Theodore Roosevelt in which he mentioned the Buffalo Soldiers -- blacks, some of them Civil War veterans, who fought in the Indian wars. Carter said the teacher told her, "You obviously went and got this from a black encyclopedia."

"That's when I said, 'No, he got it from Encyclopedia Brittanica.'" The next year, the Carters decided to homeschool.

One more family with the wisdom to do what's best for the child, instead of what's best for the family's standard of living.


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