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Friday, October 24, 2003

SKBubba opines about video games, and their role in violence. While I am not going to go the extra mile and blame a video game for a shooting (any more than I will blame the presence of a firearm for a shooting), I must cite Bubba's well-reasoned opinion on responsibility:

Better yet, some of these kids ought to get off their fat asses and go outside and play every now and then. And their parents ought to encourage that behavior instead of enabling their kid's little inner demons by purchasing these games for them and allowing them to spend countless hours being exposed to this crap.

I couldn't agree more. Parents often facilitate their kids' behavior by allowing them access to such garbage. Doing so also implicitly discourages physical activity of any kind. It is solely the parents' responsibility to get their kids into productive activities, and out of sedentary, anti-social ones like... well, like playing Grand Theft Auto.


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