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Monday, October 13, 2003

Today's Washington Post claims that President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" legislation is threatening to backfire. What is particularly nauseating to me is knowing, from the article, that seventy percent of West Virginia's entire state budget goes to public education.

This is an egregious amount of money being allocated to something as inefficient as the public education system. Years ago, it was decided that the government was more equipped to administer education to our children than the private sector. Those of us who seek private or, more pertinently to me, home-based education, gain no benefit from these services, nor are we allowed to recoup the significant money we are forced to forgo to states and municipalities to the end of public education.

It is about time that people learn that teaching children involves more than bussing them off to a school building, and letting a third party indoctrinate them. If parents want their children to avoid being "left behind", they will take a proactive role in their education, whether it be parental oversight, tutoring, or taking the full burden of teaching upon themselves.

The government should serve a role of providing security through defense, and guaranteeing the "inalienable rights" of the citizenry. Public education was never intended to be one of those "rights".

The NCLB Act was a bad idea, in my mind. But so is public education as a whole. So also is the expectation of someone else to further the intellect of one's children. Blaming a lack of money, and resources, is wrong. Blaming those who desire full dependence on government for education would be much more productive.


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