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Saturday, May 22, 2004

As if I needed another reason not to send my child to a government school...

(When a) six-year old came home from school she reportedly repeated an exchange between two boys in her kindergarten class telling her mom that one boy asked another to perform a sex act on him in exchange for a Sponge Bob Squarepants toy.

The child’s mother, who wished to remain anonymous, couldn’t believe it: “I was shocked at first. I almost crashed the car because it was too much to absorb at one time.”

The girl’s grandmother, Priscilla Manzanet, recounts what was said: “If you suck my private - I mean he used that word - I'll give you my Sponge Bob."

”The teacher talked to people and that's when they be doing it...and ever time she come over there they act like they reading a book,” the girl told Fadal.

”It's just horrifying that this could actually go on in a school where a teacher was present in the classroom,” Manzanet stated.

The girl’s mother said when she asked what else happened her daughter told her: “A little boy went under the table, she had a skirt on that day, and touched her private parts.”

The boy, she says, was one of the same little boys involved in the oral sex incident.

The family was told the boy was removed from class but claim that it didn't happen for a week.

It's about time parents demanded more... FAR more... from their schools. In the meantime, I won't be darkening their doorstep.


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