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Monday, June 21, 2004

Embattled Connecticut governor John Rowland is set to tender his resignation publicly tonight at 6 pm reports the Hartford Courant. It has been a long road for Rowland since the revelation that he received gifts and repairs on his Bantam Lake summer home. The governor, often boisterous and confident in public, has been nothing short of sedate and melancholy recently. The ordeal obviously has taken a toll not just on him personally, but on his ability to lead.

Like others, I have been surprised that he has waited so long to resign. Like many in the state, I like the governor. I equate him in some ways to Bill Clinton: he is likeable, personable, and the consummate politician. He also lied, and should not have. I was disturbed during the former President's sex scandal, not because I disagreed with his morals (or lack thereof), but because he lied under oath. Rowland didn't lie under oath; he instead lied to the news media.

The fact though remains that he lied, the public believed him, and the public was let down. Thus, it is only right that the governor should resign. In the future, we should demand more, starting with Rowland's successor, Jodi Rell. It has become too easy to accept this kind of behavior from our elected officials... on BOTH sides of the political aisle.


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