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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Slashdot, one of the first true blogs, is known for its bashing of Microsoft. Today's rant is about Microsoft outsourcing some of their high level work to foreign contractors.

The Seattle Times reports "A Seattle labor group said it has new evidence that Microsoft is shifting high-level work to foreign contractors, including work on the next version of Windows. The evidence is a cache of Microsoft contracts with Indian technology vendors that were leaked to the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, an AFL-CIO affiliate that has focused on outsourcing in its effort to organize tech workers."

First, the prospect of Microsoft outsourcing jobs has been no secret, as weeks ago, it was reported that, in the next 12 months, the software giant is seeking 7000 resumes for jobs in the United States and abroad. From the tone of the Slashdot posting, you would think there was a conspiracy by the firm to hide these outsourced jobs from the world. Very few of these people bother to consider the additional insourced jobs, because then they wouldn't have anything about which to complain.

My second point is that most of the pinheads in the open source community wouldn't work for Microsoft anyway, so where's the complaint? Maybe they understand that outsourcing actually makes sense for some businesses, like software firms, and that helps their bottom line, which helps them stay competitive, which is bad for Linux.


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