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Friday, September 24, 2004

Baseball Thoughts:

The Washington D.C. Expos? It appears likely.

Ten games to go. Watch the A.L. West. The stRangers have come back from the dead. Three teams. Two games of separation. And they all play each other. Just sit back and enjoy.

Can Ichiro break the single season hits record? He needs ten. Last week, he went 5-5 in one game. My money says he breaks it... unless someone decides to intentionally walk him, a la Barry Bonds. Nah, that happens only in Bizarro World.

And finally... here's my list of awards for the '04 season.

MVP - AL - I give the nod to two teammates, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz of the Red Sox. Watch them play, and trust me, you'll see how valuable they are.

MVP - NL - Bonds. No question. Like him or not, this man is the most feared hitter of my lifetime, and his presence in the Giant lineup affects the game, no matter what he does.

CY - AL - Johan Santana (Twins) - Unhittable in the second half. Check these Gibsonesque numbers out: 10 wins 0 losses 1.38 ERA 17 BB 92 K. Yikes!

CY - NL - Carl Pavano has held the Fish' pitching staff together (not to mention contributing nicely to my fantasy team).


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