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Saturday, September 11, 2004

I don't plan to post much today, as I am spending time with my family visiting from Knoxville. They are leaving today to go back; for sure, they will miss their grandson, who really must feel loved after having so many grandparents visit him in the last few weeks.

Today, of course, is also the 3rd anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. Read the musings of Lileks, or the pictures posted by the Blogfather. There are other worthy tributes in the blogosphere, such as SKB's posting of all the names of the dead, Jeff Jarvis' recollection of his horror watching those people who fell from the World Trade Center, Dean Esmay's epistle on how 9/11 changed his life, and Michelle Malkin's pleading for the news media to "stop sanitizing the killers."

I, too, have been changed fundamentally as a result of the attacks three years ago. Unlike some of my colleagues and friends, I see the need to have a resolve to remove this cancer from our midst. No matter who leads us after November, I pray that our policies toward terrorists and regimes who harbor them do not change. I hope the world learns to differentiate between good and evil, and learns to call militant Islam what it is - evil.

So this morning, afternoon, and evening, I will embrace my son, hold my wife, and thank the good Lord that we are all here together, instead of dead, or something worse; and I will pray that the world I leave behind when I am gone is a safer one for my son than the one that preceded him.


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