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Monday, September 20, 2004

Intermittent Thoughts on the CBS Mea Culpa:

Why didn't Heyward, Mapes, Rather, etc. try to find corroboration for the memos instead of assuming the single source (a.k.a. Burkett) was adequate?

Why isn't CBS taking more responsibility for their shoddy journalism instead of placing the blame entirely on the messenger?

What about media reports of Burkett's contact with elements of the Kerry campaign?

I would venture to speculate that CBS didn't want the first question answered, as it would refute their story's original premise. The second question insinuates that CBS might have to fire someone. To blame the authenticity of the memos is to blame Burkett entirely, and absolve themselves of any wrongdoing other than poor judgement. The final question is one that the Democrats definitely want to avoid. My money is on CBS burying this question as much as they possibly can.


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