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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Matt at Overtaken by Events makes this observation:

Isn't it strange that the biggest difference between the Bush National Guard stories and the Kerry Vietnam controversy is that, in the President's case, it's the major media dogging the story to death? I don't seem to recall any hard-nosed investigative reporting into Kerry's involvement with Vietnam Veterans against the War, a group that actively considered proposals to assassinate government officals. Nor has the New York Times bothered to dig into Kerry's actual testimony before the Senate in which he impugned every man that served.

However, you bring up the possibility that Dubya missed a doctor's appointment, and the AP will spend three years applying all of the resources necessary to uncover the TRUTH.

The Blogfather links to him. SKB notices, and decries:

This is... ...the stupidest thing I've seen all week.

Come on, SKB. Even a non-partisan can see that the media, especially CBS, jumped at the chance to report on the Bush story, but it took weeks for them to bring up similar questions about Kerry when similar allegations were made.

This is not to say that one side or the other is right. Personally, I would prefer a debate on the issues. But to say that the observation made by Matt is stupid is a choice to ignore the fact that, where these two candidates and media coverage are concerned, there is a double standard being applied.


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