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Friday, September 03, 2004

When one runs for office, especially the office of President of the United States, one must accept that his record is going to be opened to much scrutiny. John Kerry, blistered from the undressing he took from the speakers at the Republican National Convention, apparently sees himself as immune to such analysis. Says Kerry:

"For the past week, they attacked my patriotism and my fitness to serve as commander in chief. Well, here's my answer. I will not have my commitment to defend this country questioned by those who refused to serve when they could have and by those who have misled the nation into Iraq."

I don't know which convention Mr. Kerry watched, but the one I saw had no one questioning his patriotism. The Senator is having difficulty discerning between his record as a senator (and his public speeches in 1971) from his record as a Vietnam veteran. Even the animated Zell Miller did not question Kerry's military service, yet he did question Kerry's conduct when he returned to the U.S. Like it or not, these things are matters with which the public should be concerned. The RNC served as a bully pulpit for such questions.

Just because he served in Vietnam does not mean that Senator Kerry's record on matters of national defense cannot be questioned. However, because his record is so consistently liberal, it benefits him not to debate on those issues, but to cry foul. This is a political ploy long espoused by the liberal wing of American politics. It is high time that someone called Mr. Kerry on it.


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