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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate Reaction:

The Blogfather: "Again, not bad for Kerry, but Bush is at the top of his game. He's still no Ronald Reagan, but he's good -- much better than at the beginning or in the earlier debates. If he'd been like this in the first debate he'd be up by 10."

Stephen Green: "The Fox News guys look happy. That's my own version of an exit poll."

Jeff Jarvis
: "The only real conclusion from this debate is that we should have more debates -- for they are the only opportunities we have had to dwell on issues rather than mud and they have had big impact on the election -- and they should all be run by the citizens, not the journalists."

Dean Esmay: "I'm not watching the debate tonight. I suddenly realized it was a huge waste of time. How about you?"

Right Wing News: "I give a slight edge to Kerry for this debate.

Kerry relentlessly criticized Bush with some success and while Bush fired back, but trying to hammer Kerry is like trying to nail jello to the wall because he's all things to all people.

On the other hand, I don't think this should hurt Bush since Kerry has the edge on domestic issues anyway and since the it was a small win."

Hugh Hewitt: "Bush wins because of the faith question, the gay marriage question and the emphasis on education and Kerry's Global test. Kerry strong on jobs and health care, but weak on connecting with people. Shieffer probably doesn't even know how in the tank he was, a product of the deep, deep bias at CBS and MSM generally. Kerry on the defensive on many issues tthat matter to voters, and especially Catholic voters and voters with children. The worst fumble by Kerry: Not answering the cost question on health care."

Dan Drezner: "My quick take -- and bear in mind that I'm not nearly as drenched in health care minutae as I am on foreign policy, so I can't comment on the factual errors committed by both of them -- is that Bush won a debate where both of them committed a lot of errors. The key difference between this debate and the last two was that Bush physically seemed more comfortable this time around, seemed to remember his talking points, and was better able to project passion on the answers he really cared about (education, immigration, faith). Kerry didn't quite marry style to substance in the same way."

Captain Ed: "Bush stomped Kerry, without a doubt. Not only did he project a more interested demeanor, but he also showed a more pleasant speaking style and a superior grasp of detail. He projected an optimism that completely escapes Kerry, especially tonight. Kerry was the one stumbling through answers this time, including inexplicably on the question about his experience with strong women. Kerry could not stay on topic, and like John Edwards, wound up simply regurgitating his stump speeches. Bush offered more thoughtful answers, more extemporaneous, and seemed much more genuine as a result.

This debate will wind up being recognized as a disaster for the Kerry campaign within the next 48 hours, and within 96 hours the polls will demonstrate it."


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