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Friday, October 08, 2004

The Dell Digital DJ is a little cheaper today:

Dell has taken an aggressive pricing strategy in its competition with Apple in the music player space. Jupiter Research analyst Joe Wilcox reported in his blog Friday that Dell has dropped pricing on the 15GB Dell DJ to US$149, which is $100 less than the 4GB iPod mini, and half the price of a 20 GB iPod. Dell's 20GB Dell DJ is currently being offered at $195, $100 less than the 20GB iPod.

The 15GB Dell DJ normally lists for $199, and the special pricing is a promotion being made available through a coupon in conjunction with Apple's erstwhile Windows jukebox partner, MusicMatch. The 20GB unit normally lists for $279, and the $195 discounted pricing is available directly from Dell's Web site as of this writing.

This is a clear attempt to compete with the iPod craze, and knowing how the iPod is priced, along with compatibility issues with other formats, I can see several thousand of these units going off the shelves during the promotion. It makes me wish I hadn't bought mine yet. Heh.


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