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Monday, October 25, 2004

Eight days before the election, I finally found a sensible tax policy espoused by John Kerry:

Sen. Kerry is the only Democratic candidate to move past glib talk and address a concrete topic: "John Kerry has been a strong supporter of legislation allowing artists, writers and composers to take a fair-market value deduction for their works donated to a museum, library or archive."

This refers to the bills in the House and Senate aimed at righting a glaring inequity in the tax code. If a collector donates a work of art to a museum, he or she can take a deduction based on its current market value. If a living artist wants to donate one of their own works to a museum, their deduction is limited to the cost of the materials used to make it. The bills are languishing in committee. If there is a real arts issue on the table today, it's this one.

Now if someone could convince Kerry that marginal tax cuts encourage job growth, we might have something.


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