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Friday, October 08, 2004

Florida Voting Blues:

The state Democratic Party filed a federal lawsuit accusing Florida's secretary of state of violating federal law when she told elections supervisors to reject incomplete voter-registration forms. The party asked a judge to order Glenda Hood to reverse her instructions to the state's 67 counties.

Hood's office told counties they should disqualify voters who failed to check a box confirming they are U.S. citizens, even if they signed an oath on the same form swearing they are. She and other state officials maintain that state and federal laws require the box to be checked.

"The Secretary of State's Office says they want to err on the side of the voter, yet they want to disenfranchise people," party Chairman Scott Maddox said.

It's not disenfranchising people to require them to follow the instructions as laid out by the law. Let me go on record by saying that I don't care if it's a Democratic voter, or a Republican voter registering to vote. If the person does not follow the procedure as delineated by law, they are not, and should not be, a qualified voter. Period.


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