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Friday, October 08, 2004

Here's a thought.

Perhaps Bush's performance in the first debate was poor by design. Why, you ask? By doing so poorly, he lowered the bar that much more for himself, while instilling a feeling of superiority and overconfidence in Kerry's camp. Thus, Bush is enabled to be the "comeback kid", just like Reagan was in his candidacies. Kerry is turned from the offensive to the defensive, is caught off guard by the unexpected improvement in Bush as a debater. As such, Bush impresses the proletariat. Bush looks much better than he would have with higher expectations. As a result, Bush wins the second (and ostensibly the third) debate, swaying the "swing" voters to his favor, and winning the election.

Farfetched? No more than any of the hundreds of other liberal conspiracy theories. Blame Karl Rove, I say.


.: posted by Dave 9:55 PM

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