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Thursday, October 14, 2004

A homeschooled child begs her mom to watch the debate...

Rhia: "Mom, I need to watch the debate."

Mom: No you need to go to bed.

Rhia: But mom it is the last debate, I need to hear some of it.

Mom: No you already hear the other two and saw the president speak.

Rhia: But this is the last time they debate. I will do a blog.

Mom: You were restless last time - it may not interest you.

Rhia: I will sit right here and be quiet and listen. Who is speaking now?

Mom: _exasperated sigh_ sure come lay down President Bush is talking - but you are not eating anything and are going right to bed afterwards!

This from a child, aged five years. I can only hope my son is this motivated to watch the debates in 2008, and he will be just about the same age.


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