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Monday, October 25, 2004

Not only is the Red Sox ace Curt Schilling a great pitcher, but he might be an even better businessman:

Schilling, a bright, articulate man who negotiated his own terms, added another clause (to his contract). If the Red Sox were to succeed in their desperate quest for a first World Series win since 1918, his salary would rise by $2 million the next year and his contract would be extended for a fourth year at $13 million. So a championship for the Red Sox will bring Schilling an extra $15 million. Not bad for a man who, at 38 ,is reaching the end of his career.

Schilling obviously 1) knows how passionately the Sox want a World Series title, and 2) is more prescient than anyone gave him credit for. I hope the Red Sox win the series just to see them give a fine pitcher like Schilling an extra year.


.: posted by Dave 7:06 PM

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