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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

On the debate:

This sure feels like the same debate we already saw. Wasn't this supposed to be something different? It makes me wish the fringe party candidates were allowed to participate.

Health care, jobs, taxes, Iraq.... blah blah blah. All things I care about, but seriously, they should have divided these debates into three distinct categories. Or maybe two, and left this third debate off.

In the liberal enclave of New England, I can guarantee you that very few "undecided" voters are watching this on a Wednesday night when the Red Sox are playing the Yankees.

Anyway, I don't see much new coming out of this. In fact, I think both candidates are doing worse than last time. Maybe they are bored with this whole process too? Maybe they should both get plastered before debating. Now THAT would be fun.

UPDATE: I actually like the self-deprecating lines from both candidates.

Bush - "Laura speaks English better than I do."
Kerry - "The three of us certainly married up. Some would say I did better than others."

However, the canned closing statements have got to go. Ugh.


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