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Friday, October 01, 2004

Read this excellent article by Pat Forde on Vol head coach Phil Fulmer:

(J)ust in case Tide backers require a cherry atop their bile sundae, consider this sacrilegious scenario: Sometime in 2016, Fulmer surpasses Mr. Paul Bryant's SEC record of 159 conference victories -- a mark many have labeled unassailable in today's coaching climate.

At the still-spry age of 54, Fulmer owns 75 SEC wins going into the 3-0 Volunteers' Saturday showdown in Knoxville with 4-0 Auburn. He says he'd like to coach 10 more years, and the Big Orange lifer (player, assistant, head coach) wouldn't do it anywhere other than Tennessee. If he maintains his current winning pace for another decade and stays a few extra years beyond his 10-year goal, he'll demote Bear from Ursa Major to Ursa Minor in Dixie's coaching constellation before he's through.



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