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Monday, October 25, 2004

Say Uncle gives a "compelling" endorsement of the Libertarian candidate, Michael Badnarik.

For the record, I voted Libertarian during both Clinton elections, and I did so because I thought the party was principled, and dedicated to cutting taxes, spending, and interference in the lives of American citizens. But, as SU says, Badnarik is the lunatic fringe version of Libertarian. He will probably do much worse than Browne or Marrou ever did.

Will there ever be a day when we will see a candidate with the above ideals who will make a serious run at the presidency? I doubt it. Not as long as the citizenry writ large keeps going to the public trough and taking something, and not as long as the political elites keep accommodating them. It's all about who can give the voter something. "What's in it for us?", they ask. To ask, "What will you pledge to NOT do?" or "How many programs will you pledge to cut or eliminate entirely?" just won't get you elected. Sad, but true.


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