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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Senator Tom Daschle may lose South Dakota, and this could explain why:

In 1991 Daschle told the Washington Post that the "first thing that comes to my mind in a vote is: Can it [the issue] pass the 30-second test, how successful will it be in applying it to a 30-second ad?" The cynicism and being on both sides of every issue is catching up to him.

I really hate this kind of politician. I want leadership that takes a stand on the side they believe is the right side, and I want them to tell me why. President Bush is great at the first, not so good at the second. But at least I can follow his actions, and know from them what his positions are. Kerry, Daschle, and many of the Clintonian Democrats, just don't know how to govern that way.


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