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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dave Winer:

Ever wonder if MS's priorities are somewhat misplaced? Last night I booted up a new server running their 2003 server platform. Up till now I was totally happy with the 2000 version, but this time there was no choice offered. Anyway, their answer to security is to make you click in a dialog on every different website you access in the browser. Hmmm. That ain't gonna work. If they were paying attention there would be a war on spyware to equal the war on terror. With Microsoft's cash reserves, one can't help but think they could do a lot better than they are doing.

I'm a fan of many things Microsoft, but browsers ain't one of 'em. I, too, have to winder when Microsoft will finally put themselves totally behind eradicating spyware instead of addressing the matter with piecemeal solutions, such as the dialog box Winer mentions. My guess... when and if their bottom line is affected, and that's probably not happening anytime soon.


.: posted by Dave 10:52 AM

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