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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election Day Wrapup:

Well, the Kerry operation conceded to Bush via telephone this morning, which, given the hangover of 2000, initially surprised me. However, I have also been surprised during the election by Kerry in that he quite possibly isn't as pretentious as he seemed to be before. So, maybe... just maybe Kerry himself decided that it wasn't worth a protracted fight over "every last vote" in Ohio, New Mexico, etc. I am far from an inside observer, but something tells me Kerry knew the consequences, and did what was best for the country. For that, he should be commended.

President Bush got more votes than any candidate in history, which tells me that the Republican GOTV efforts were far more productive than anyone gave them credit for. When there is a 59% voter turnout, that normally means a Democratic success story. Not this time.

One has to seriously question the methodology being employed by the various polling agencies, especially Gallup (a 49-49 tie? Come on). Perhaps the networks will learn that polls are, in fact, not news. Then again, we are talking about the networks.

Sticking to your base has its advantages. Bush polls well with evangelicals, and it is obvious they came out in droves. Why? Perhaps the plethora of same-sex marriage ban initiatives had something to do with that.

Kerry's obvious weakness was that, by taking a position, he effectively fragmented his constituency. Bush's strength, conversely, was that by taking a position, he effectively unified his constituency.

From this election, I would hope that the Democratic Party takes this. Stop using demagogery to try to draw votes. Scaring young voters with the "threat" of a draft, and seniors by crying foul over partial Social Security privatization does not work. Also, to Democratic candidates, it would be nice if you had a coherent plan of action where the day's major issues are concerned, instead of saying "I have a plan" without being specific. One more thing. Do NOT cater to your fringe element (i.e., the Democratic Underground). It doesn't help your cause.

The happiest person on Earth today: Hillary Rodham Clinton, who will inevitably be the candidate for "change" in 2008.

The saddest person on Earth today: Jacque Chirac, who will inevitably fade into obscurity along with his insignificant fief, France.

To the elitists on the left: It is bothersome and trite to watch you continually label someone who votes for Bush with the following epithets: simpleton, idiot, ignoramus, dolt. And those are the ones that are clean in nature. Please understand that there are perfectly reasonable arguments for voting for President Bush. I can cite several blogs who posted items of that nature. Realize too that it is not the Bush administration that is dividing this country. It is your insistence in labeling people with such characterizations, and assaulting them verbally that turns off a great many potential voters. Your persistence in doing so divides. Fifty-one percent of America agreed with me yesterday, and your insults lend nothing to your cause. And, speaking as a libertarian-leaning voter, if you produce a better candidate than John Kerry, you might get a few more votes from voters like me.


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